Rumer Willis Sneaks Into SAG Awards Amid Demi Moore's Meltdown

January 30, 2012 By:
Rumer Willis Sneaks Into SAG Awards Amid Demi Moore's Meltdown

Rumer Willis can’t do anything right now without the media watching her and wondering, ‘why isn’t she babysitting Demi?!’ I kind of feel bad for her. But not bad enough to not talk about it, don’t worry.

Rumer Willis reportedly snuck into the official after party of the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. The party was held outside the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

A witness told Us Weekly that Willis was “keeping a crazy low profile.” I’m not sure what ‘crazy’ low profile means, maybe she was trying to sneak in while wearing a dunce cap and riding a unicycle backwards, I don’t know. But the source adds that “she definitely didn’t want anyone to see her.”

Rumer was most likely home while Demi was convulsing after “smoking something,” as the 911 caller could be heard asking “Rue” what the address was. Rumer goes by that nickname, and her Twitter handle is TheRue.

And speaking of Twitter, Rumer has remained off the site since January 19, the week before her mom was hospitalized. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher changed his Twitter profile picture to black. But it probably had to do with the January 28 Twitter blackout. Ashton hasn’t said anything publicly about his estranged wife’s meltdown, but he did post a link to an article about Lolcats. I can haz K2 Spizes?

But back to Rumer. The source continued:

"Rumer was like an apparition -- she just slipped in with a friend and then was gone. She looked like she was walking on eggshells…She was just weaving through the crowd.”

One might wonder why someone would sneak in to such a party if they did not want to be seen. And for that question, I have two words: free food.