Moving Truck Spotted Outside Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's House

October 14, 2011 By:
Moving Truck Spotted Outside Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's House

Omigod this is real. I've been taking all the Demi Moore and Ashton rumors with a grain of salt. Even when that Sara Leal girl gave a video interview to US Weekly I was still like, "Are you sure" because I'm pretty sure I saw that girl on an MTV dating show one time.

Now, a moving truck has been spotted outside Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's home that they share (eek, not for long). The Wetzel & Sons moving truck was seen pulling out from their home yesterday (10.13.11).

Whether it is Demi or Ashton who is moving out is yet to be determined. Though it's probably Ashton who got kicked to the curb. US Weekly contacted the moving company for information but a rep said, "We don't give out any information on our clients."

I feel bad to hear about the end of this duo's six year marriage, but do any cougar-cub relationships truly last? You know Ashton was going to stray for greener pasture eventually, and by "greener" I literally mean, one that hasn't pushed three children out of its vagina.

The whole ordeal has devastated the soon to be ex Mrs. Kutcher, "Demi is humiliated," says a source to US Weekly, "She loves him, but can't forgive him for the embarrassment he has caused."

After the affair, the couple tried to make things work by taking a camping trip with their Kabbalah instructor and a friend. The trip was supposedly so they could talk about their issues and get some privacy to discuss things, but I think there was about one friend and one Kabbalah instructor too many for it to truly be "private."

An eyewitness camping nearby said that the couple "seemed cold to one another" while on the trip.

The "other woman" Sara Leal has since blabbed the entire story to US Weekly and Star about how she and Ashton Kutcher made out in a hot-tub and then had unprotected sex, which I'm sure is also a plotline from EVERY episode of The Jersey Shore EVER.

A source close to Ashton told Radaronline that Demi had already started meeting with divorce attorneys.

"She's [Demi] currently consulting with divorce attorneys. Ashton doesn't want her to file for divorce, and is hoping they can work it out. However, Ashton expects that Demi will likely file. Ashton was hoping that Sara wouldn't give any interviews about their sexual encounter, but now she's spilling all the seedy details and it doesn't help matters at all."