'Lovelace' Producers Were 'Shocked' Over Demi Moore Crisis

January 30, 2012 By:
'Lovelace' Producers Were 'Shocked' Over Demi Moore Crisis

When Demi Moore dropped out of the Lovelace movie, her rep decided to go general and cite “personal crisis,” instead of “overdosing on that drug from the Beastie Boys song.”

Either way, when the movie’s producers figured out what happened, they were “shell-shocked.”

PEOPLE reports that Moore was “devastated” to abandon her role of Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie, according to Heidi Jo Markel, one of the movie’s producers.

“It was a shock and concern for all of us,” Markel says.

“We got a call from [Moore’s representative] on Tuesday morning and said, ‘There’s been a personal crisis and we need to let you know that.’ And we were clueless. We had no idea what it entailed. We just knew she was out, that there was probably a health concern, and to move on.”

And move on they did. Sarah Jessica Parker is now the reported replacement for Demi on the project.

Despite their disappointment over losing Demi, producers were more concerned with the actress making a full recovery.

“It was mostly that we were worried about her health,” Market continued. “Movies come and go, but someone's health is the most important. We just want her to be well."

But producers are still happy with Sarah Jessica as the replacement: “She's incredible,” Markel gushes about the new addition. “She has incredible moxie and strength of character and we were just so overjoyed that we could get her and she was interested in doing the part."

Let’s just hope she doesn’t discover whip-its.