Demi's Breast Milk Attack

August 30, 2008 By:
Demi's Breast Milk Attack

This has to be one of the strangest stories we've ever heard. Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone claims that he witnessed Demi Moore squirt breast milk at some lesbian friends during a wild night out.

He tells the Sun: “We went out and Demi was dancing up on me and humping me from behind. She was lactating at the time and she was squirting breast milk at my lesbian friends.

“My friend Michelle called me the next morning and asked me: ‘How do I get breast milk out of my black dress?’ I replied: ‘How the f*** would I know? Call Demi!’”

WTF would someone do that? That's pretty nasty, regardless of how drunk you are or how hard you're partying. Imagine telling friends that Demi Moore squirted her breast milk all over you! She should have put the dress on eBay.