Demi Moore To Be In Rehab For the Long Haul

February 22, 2012 By:
Demi Moore To Be In Rehab For the Long Haul

Turns out it takes a really long time to kick a Red Bull addiction.

Demi Moore has been in rehab at an undisclosed location, and though she's been "doing well," it looks like she's going to be in there for a while.

RadarOnline has reported that after just a few weeks of treatment, Moore's friends and family are noticing that her demeanor is improving. And by that, I'm guessing they mean she's not taking pictures of herself with her eyes closed for Twitter and asking everyone if they're carrying K2 Spices.

"Demi is really doing well in rehab," a source close to her told the site. "She was about to hit rock bottom but now things are looking up for her.”

Moore has reportedly been spending the last few weeks focusing on her issues but is also concerned with when she can get back to her normal life.

“Demi has a good outlook for the future and those around her think that she is taking her treatment seriously so that she doesn’t have another incident like the one in January,” the source said. “She knows what happened was dangerous and she doesn’t want to have a repeat of that again, especially not in front of her daughter."

But we probably won't be seeing the actress out and about anytime soon:

“Demi has been doing so well in treatment but the people around her aren’t expecting she’ll get out yet, she has a lot of work to do still to be and stay healthy.”