Demi Moore Released from the Hospital

January 26, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Released from the Hospital

A few days after being hospitalized for a seizure, Demi Moore has been released from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher is due to return to the States. I actually feel bad for Ashton in this situation, because Demi’s mini-meltdown couldn’t have come at a worse time. She goes to the hospital, and naturally, the media turns their heads to see what Ashton’s up to, and he happens to be getting his groove back in Brazil.

Moore was rushed to the hospital on Monday after her friend saw her violently shaking. Sources told E! News that Demi was acting “pretty hyper” all night while she was hosting a birthday party at her home. It was at the end of the night that Moore started to convulse.

There was some speculation that Ashton ended his trip early so he could come back and check on Demi, but nope. E! just confirmed that Ashton was always set to return to Los Angeles at this time.

"She has spiraled," a source told Us Weekly of Demi’s alleged addictions. “And gotten to a place where she is struggling too much to function."

Since her hospitalization, there’s been reports that Demi was inhaling nitrous oxide, dipping into her daughter’s Adderall, and doing various prescription drugs. Her rep hasn’t denied or confirmed anything.

"Her life is completely in crisis," continues the source. "She is turning 50 and has no idea who she is or what her focus should be."

I’m not really sure what your purpose in life should be at fifty either, but something tells me it’s not doing whippets.