Demi Moore Refuses to Go to Rehab

January 31, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Refuses to Go to Rehab

I have no idea why celebrities refuse to go to rehab. Have you seen their rehab? It’s freaking paradise. Just without the overpriced drinks.

Demi Moore is reportedly refusing to get professional help to overcome her anorexia and substance abuse issues. Demi’s three daughters—Scout, 20, Tallulah, 16, and Rumer, 23—are apparently in favor of their mom getting professional help. But a source told

“Demi needs help but she's not ready to get it. She doesn't want to check into rehab even though her daughters want her to, especially Rumer, who was at home and witnessed her convulsing Demi thinks her problems are emotional and that she doesn't need rehab."

Indeed, during that now infamous 911 call, it was said that Demi’s “been having some issues lately with some other stuff, and I don’t know what she’s been taking.”

It was revealed on the call that Demi “smoked something” at the party before she had the seizure and it’s reported that she’s become dependent on Red Bull and prescription drugs. I never did think Red Bull gave you wings. But Red Bull and Valium probably does.

Instead of rehab, Demi has been opting for “spiritual counseling” since she’s been released from a Sherman Oaks Hospital. Currently, she hasn’t settled back in to her Beverly Hills home, but she’s reportedly at an “undisclosed location” while she’s recovering.

Rumer and Tallulah are reportedly living with their father Bruce Willis, and Scout is enrolled at Brown University in Providence.