Demi Moore Partied With Miley Cyrus Days Before Hospitalization

February 3, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Partied With Miley Cyrus Days Before Hospitalization

Remember when Miley Cyrus presented her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth with a penis-shaped cake for his 22nd birthday? Well, Demi Moore was at that party. It was also just 9 days before Demi was hospitalized for overdosing on red-bull and incense or whatever.

If you’re wondering why a 49-year-old actress is partying with 22-year-olds or how any of this makes sense, it doesn’t. Apparently Demi went to the party with her 23-year-old daughter Rumer and her friends.

For starters, what 23-year-old wants to party with her mother? I don’t care how famous your mom is, when you start throwing back red bull vodkas and think that it’s time to show off how you can “drop it low” on top of the table, you do NOT want your mother there.

Anyways, Demi probably just went because she thought she could smoke out with Miley Cyrus, “Hey, I heard you like K2 Spices?”

Liam Hemsworth’s bday was at Club Icon a couple weeks ago and a source said that Demi was spotted sitting in the VIP section of the club sipping on Red Bull, because you know, she has an addiction to the stuff, apparently.

Demi Moore is obviously taking her cougar duties a little too seriously, but after dumping Ashton she seems to be going for dudes even younger. Rumor has it that Demi was partying with Rumer on a different night before her hospitalization and was reportedly trying to hunt down Zac Efron the whole night. I mean, Zac does look like a young Ashton and after several red-bulls and one eye closed I can see how Demi could mistakenly try to make a move on her soon-to-be ex’s doppelganger.

However, a source tells E! News that she was NOT hitting on Efron at the party but he IS friends with Rumer and the three of them were all at the same party one night. Which is still weird. This wasn’t an industry party either; this was like a kickback house party, no 49-year-olds allowed.

“They all hang out,” one insider says, “And, if anything, Rumer is the one who is after Zac, but she’s not his type.”

Regardless, Demi Moore is having one heck of a midlife crisis. That being said, I’m so jealous she parties with Zac Efron.