Demi Moore Is 'Totally Committed To Getting Better'

February 24, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Is 'Totally Committed To Getting Better'

Just one month into her rehab stay, Demi Moore is reportedly doing a lot better. Before you know it, she’ll be starring in an Elizabeth Taylor movie…

The actress checked into Utah’s Cirque Lodge after being hospitalized for her drug-induced seizure, and she’s said to have dramatically turned her life around already.

“She is totally committed to getting better,” a friend of Moore’s tells In Touch, adding that she now weighs over 100 pounds.

Since she’s been in there, treating her addiction to god knows what, along with her eating disorder, the 49 year old allegedly gained 10 pounds and is eating three meals a day.

“Demi has a long way to go, but she is getting better,” the friend told the magazine. “She has many days where she feels great.”

The actress is said to be contemplating an extended stay in rehab, either for a few weeks or maybe even months.

“She is on the right path and won’t leave rehab until she’s ready,” said the source.

Don’t really blame her for that one, some of those rehab places look awesome.

“She was about to hit rock bottom but now things are looking up for her,” another source told RadarOnline. Belfast Telegraph further reports, “Demi has a good outlook for the future and those around her think that she is taking her treatment seriously so that she doesn’t have another incident like the one in January.”

“She knows what happened was dangerous and she doesn’t want to have a repeat of that again, especially not in front of her daughter,” the source added.