Demi Moore Gets A Visit From Exes Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher

February 2, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Gets A Visit From Exes Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher put down his Caprihina and said goodbye to his Brazilian model friends, heading for estranged wife Demi Moore’s home.

Demi is reportedly back home after being hospitalized and both Bruce Willis and Ashton paid her a visit, because I mean, that’s what exes do, right? At least when your ex is an A-list actress and the world turns its head to look at you when she has a meltdown.

Willis pulled up to Demi’s Los Angeles home on Wednesday, looking concerned. A source told X17online that Bruce is worried about his daughter, Tallulah, who is reportedly taking Demi’s problems pretty hard.

"After Bruce saw Tallulah's meltdown at Whole Foods on Monday, he knew he had to step in and take care of his daughter to help her deal with her mom's condition,” the source said.

Tallulah apparently tried to hide from paparazzi at Whole Foods and was later photographed smoking in her car.

“He's been worried sick about Demi and wants to help her get back to normal,” the source adds.

Hours after Willis arrived, Ashton Kutcher showed up in his blacked-out Lexus. Ashton reportedly stayed for close to two hours before taking off.

Meanwhile, everyone’s been trying to come up with an explanation for Demi’s meltdown. Most recently, sources came forward blaming it on her obsession with staying young. But another Demi pal says her obsession isn’t abnormal.

"It's no secret Demi's obsessed with looking younger," our source tells us. "What woman isn't in this town?