Demi Moore Drops Out of Movie After Checking Into Rehab

January 25, 2012 By:
Demi Moore Drops Out of Movie After Checking Into Rehab

After checking into rehab, or as they like to call it in publicist world "seeking professional assistance to improve her overall health," Demi Moore has dropped out of the upcoming movie, Lovelace.

Moore was set to play feminist hero Gloria Steinhem in the porn biopic, but it looks like they'll have to find another A-list actress. Moore is now seeking help for her exhaustion and is unable to do the flick, her rep confirmed to Deadline. The movie focuses on porn star Linda Lovelace and stars Amanda Seyfried in the title role.

Moore was rushed to the hospital late Monday night for an "unknown illness", according to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Moore's publicist later confirmed that she was indeed getting professional help.

"Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends."

Aside from a few angry outbursts at makeshift paparazzi (who wouldn’t be mad?), Demi seemed to be weathering the Ashton sh-tstorm pretty vibrantly. She was getting her nails down in West Hollywood, she was hanging out with friends, and even reportedly dating a new, younger model. Or as I liked to call him, Ashton 4G.

So this sort of comes out of nowhere. Two weekends ago, Demi even took her daughter, Rumer Willis, as her date at the Cinema for Peace/Help Haiti Home benefit at the Montage in Beverly Hills.

At any rate, get well soon, Demi.