Demi Moore, Back On The Tweet And Ready For Change

April 18, 2012 By:
Demi Moore, Back On The Tweet And Ready For Change

After posting an odd picture of her legs with the caption “Testing…” it would appear Demi Moore is back online and open to change! The newly sobered actress made headlines, asking her 4.9 million followers for suggestions on a new Twitter handle name.

“Time for a change, twitter name change… any suggestions,” Moore tweeted late Tuesday night.

Changing her Twitter name from@mrskutcher has remained on Moore’s “To-Do” list since she filed for divorce from her actor husband, Ashton Kutcher, in November 2011 following reports he had cheated on her.

Apparently, she’s finally getting around to it.

This epic tweet comes after Moore had previously announced via Twitter that, “Changing my Twitter name isn't a top priority right now,” and “Does it really matter?”

Apparently, it does, because everyone is talking about it. Suggestions are flying in, including those from big names like Kirstie Alley, Rob Lowe, and Piers Morgan, who suggested “mrsmorgan.”

As of late, Moore is still undecided and will keep “collecting suggestions.” Names that haven’t been suggested? @G_I_Jane, @mrsexkuthcer, @iwasinthatmovieghost and @youwish_piersmorgan.

Despite all the hype, Moore is looking good post-rehab and appeared Tuesday night in Beverly Hills at a TV show launch party alongside her best friend, Amanda de Cadenet.

But Moore’s return to Twitter is one giant distraction to the issue at hand: her previously tweeted leg photo. Really, what the heck was that?

Was she “Testing…” that Twitter still existed since her last post three months ago, before deciding whether it was worth updating her name? Or did she just get a new phone and was “Testing…” the camera?

These are the questions we follow you to get answers to, Demi. Come up with your own new name. That’s not our job. We’ll follow you regardless of what you call yourself.