Demi and Ashton, Happily Apart

May 30, 2012 By:
Demi and Ashton, Happily Apart

Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher prove that it’s entirely possible for exes to behave like adults and actually be civil to one another in public. Newsflash.

The couple, married for six years, made an announcement in November 2011 of a pending divorce after it came to light (the tabloids) that Kutcher had been… behaving badly. All over town. A few towns actually.

But according to People magazine the pair were seen being “friendly” to one another at a mutual friends birthday last Thursday -- setting off a media frenzy of speculation that the two were planning to reconcile.

Oh contraire.

“The family is in a pretty good place right now, but Ashton and Demi won't go back to being what they were," a source told People. "Ashton will always be a part of their lives, especially with regard to the girls and how close he is with them."

“Close”? In age, or what?

Anyway, Ashton himself has addressed the permanent change, "the relationship has evolved and will continue to. There are just too many issues to go back. It's about figuring out how to move forward into a new place."

As for Demi, she has recently re-emerged into the spotlight after a “stint in treatment.” She entered a program in January after collapsing and convulsing while smoking “something like incense.” Not kidding.

The Daily Mail, having less interest in mincing words calls rehab "rehab" and says Moore was “allegedly treated for eating disorder issues, exhaustion and substance abuse.”

Kutcher, who has been painted as a sex addict by various outside sources and media outlets, has been set free to explore his own methods of treatment. All over town.