Ashton Kutcher Visited Demi Moore Again

March 5, 2012 By:
Ashton Kutcher Visited Demi Moore Again

Maybe he knows where she is secretly vacationing!? Ashton Kutcher has reportedly been back to visit Demi Moore since that one time he visited her right after she got out of the hospital.

According to a source, he didn’t really want to go but he knew that her daughters wouldn’t forgive him if he didn’t. Apparently he’s seen her since she left rehab at the Utah’s Cirque Lodge rehab center.

“They are not getting back together. He knew it was important to her daughters,” the source tells People.

Every time I hear about Ashton visiting Demi, I hold my breath a little bit because I think they are maybe getting back together. Someone should get to enjoy his perfectly symmetrical face. C’mon!

Since Demi and Ashton’s split, Ashton has reportedly stayed very close with daughter Rumer Willis, probably because he’s like, what 5 years older than her?

Also, since Demi left rehab she’s reportedly been vacationing in the Caribbean.

A source told E! News that she was spotted on a private beach near Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos on a very secretive resort. How secretive, you ask? You can only access it by boat. That and, Courtney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston are it’s only other guests. I’m kidding, but those girls do love a tropical vacation.

A source says of Demi, “She’s just been chilling out. She’s in no rush to get back to Los Angeles. She’s on total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people.”