Ashton Kutcher Stays Mum on Demi, Continues Partying in Brazil

January 26, 2012 By:
Ashton Kutcher Stays Mum on Demi, Continues Partying in Brazil

While Ashton Kutcher's ex-wife is being hospitalized for seizures and abusing nitrous oxide, Ashton Kutcher is acting like everything is just perfect in paradise.

No seriously, he’s in Brazil and going to nightclubs and tweeting links to stories about photo bloggers, meanwhile his ex-wife Demi Moore is hitting rock bottom at an undisclosed hospital in LA!

When TMZ caught Kutcher stumbling out of a club in Sao Paulo, Brazil last night, not only did he dodge all questions about Demi Moore, but he jumped into his getaway car, followed by two random pals and an unknown blonde chick.

If millions of people on twitter are sending their condolences to Demi Moore during her apparent meltdown and drug episode, you would think that her husband of 6 years would at least see how she’s doing, right? That maybe he would tweet at her, or something? Wrong.

Knowing full well what’s going on with his wife, because I know he has an internet connection even in Brazil, he’s been tweeting random crap that makes it seem like he doesn’t give a sh-t about his estranged wife’s ordeal.

Yesterday he tweeted a link to a news story about journalists who have cameras rigged to toy helicopters and he writes, “Citizen journalists take to the sky.”

Uhhh, not even a shout out to the wife? Not even a “get well soon”? Not even a retweet?!

Just the day before he tweeted another link, to an article about Lolcats! Lolcats! That’s not even relevant anymore even if Demi Moore wasn’t OD’ing on whippets!

Call it denial or call it being a jerk, but Ashton Kutcher is acting like Demi Moore doesn’t even exist.