Rumor Control: Demi Lovato Threatened Ashley Greene

November 3, 2010 By:
Rumor Control: Demi Lovato Threatened Ashley Greene

There’s a lot of hearsay regarding what actually sent Demi Lovato packin’ off to rehab and out of the Jonas Brothers’ tour.

E! has some dish on the weeks leading up to Demi entering rehab, and they involved bulimia, bullying, and a fight at the airport.

According to sources, Demi has been trying to deal with her breakup with Joe Jonas since he dumped her back in May. Touring with him (and now his new girlfriend Ashley Greene) can’t be easy, and insiders say it’s been taking its toll.

"On tour [this summer] they were calling her ‘Demi Drama,'” said a tour insider. Sources also say Demi has been battling bulimia and cutting herself for the last couple of years, and that lately it’s gotten worse.

Demi Lovato's Camp Rock Co-Star: She'll Find Her Way

"After she split with Joe, it was just a whole bunch of drama, very awkward. Everyone tried to be professional, but you could tell it was wearing down Demi. It was a taboo subject to bring up, but clearly she wasn't over Joe,” said the source.

Demi has also been working—without breaks—nonstop lately.

"The boys got a break after the tour, but Demi went a nonstop promo campaign for Camp Rock 2 and was pushing the single for that movie. It really was too much ask of a girl that young. She just couldn't handle it."

"I think Demi has a lot of issues she is dealing with, but at the source of them all is a great deal of stress."

Demi Lovato's Dad: Hollywood Got to Her

But sources say the airport scuffle was the last straw—Demi reportedly got into it with a backup dancer at the airport in Peru, and also made verbal threats to Ashley Greene, who has been accompanying boyfriend Joe on the road.

"She just lost it right at the airport in front of everyone," says the source. "The [Jonases'] dad basically said right there, 'That's it. You're going home.' "

A source close to the Lovato family says the airport altercation was the "catalyst" to Lovato deciding to "take responsibility" for her actions.

We feel terrible for her! It must be so hard for her to see Ashley tagging along with her ex-boyfriend Joe. And by the way Joe treated Taylor Swift after he broke up with her, we doubt he’s being sensitive to Demi.

She definitely needs a break, so we hope she’s relaxing and getting the treatment she needs!