Report: Niall Horan Moving To America For Demi Lovato

July 3, 2012 By:
Report: Niall Horan Moving To America For Demi Lovato

One Direction bandmate Niall Horan is so smitten with Demi Lovato that he wants to leave the UK and move to America for at least six months to be closer to her.

Apparently between One Direction’s sold-out tour and Demi Lovato’s obligations to “The X Factor” these two somehow found time to date each other despite never being photographed together or anything. I don’t believe a minute of it, mostly because Niall shot down Demi-dating rumors several weeks ago.

Not only that, but Demi told Clevver TV that she’s “single" and Niall was nothing more than a "good friend." Actually, the friend card usually means "we're serious" in Hollywood, so I just don't know what to believe anymore.

Anyways, a source close to Niall told Closer magazine that the two have been Skype dating (whatever that is?) and Niall is super serious about Demi.

“Niall told his family he’s crazy about Demi. He’s already going to have to spend at least six months a year in the States with One Direction, so he wants to base himself near her and make a proper go of it.”

Also, this probably won’t work out because the One Direction dudes kind of have to travel in a pack. 1D just arrived back in London after wrapping up their North American tour and Harry, Zayn and Louis just purchased homes in London, so Niall has an obligation to stay near his bandmates.

We reached out to One Direction’s rep, they’ve yet to respond.