Remembering Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez’s Web Series

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Remembering Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez’s Web Series
Image By: YouTube

Six years ago Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had a web series/vlog/YouTube series thing.

Basically, the girls were both at the height of their Disney Channel fame and they talked into their webcam about stuff and it was very popular. Like, five-million-views-PER-video popular.

In case you were too busy having a life to watch two 15-year-olds talk into a camera, let us introduce you to the glorious world of Demi and Selena’s short-lived “web series.”


It was truly at the height of their BFF-dom.


They just squeezed into the frame and talked AT the webcam.


They put out A LOT of videos that year.


They were only 15 when they were making these things.


They didn’t even talk about anything interesting.


But true fans are still watching and commenting on these videos six years later!


Demi liked to wear HATS.


But the videos were mostly just about cuteness in general.


However, they DID have some HATERZ, specifically MILEY CYRUS.


YES! Miley and her best friend Mandy (who has since DISAPPEARED) also had a weird web series-type vlog.

But they were basically making fun of Demi and Selena the whole time. OH, THE SALTINESS!


You can watch Miley’s full parody of Demi and Selena here:


Anyways, Demi and Selena eventually stopped making web videos...

because they drifted apart.


But it’s okay because they’re best friends again!