One Direction's Niall Kisses A Stuffed Animal Named Demi Lovato

June 29, 2012 By:

Love is in the air. Niall is finally kissing Demi Lovato… That is, a toy named Demi Lovato.

The soap opera that is the lovefest between Niall Horan of One Direction and “The X Factor” judge has arrived at a new chapter: first base. During a performance, Niall was handed a stuffed toy cat "named" Demi Lovato that he proceeded to kiss in front of screaming fans.

Whoa! Is this a relationship confirmation, Niall?

The boys of 1D have been known to tease the singer about his reported romance with Demi from time to time and this performance was no exception. Holding the stuffed cat assumingly thrown from the stands, member Liam Payne addressed the crowd…

“If this was Niall’s cat he’d call it Demi Lovato,” said Liam.

The crowd liked that one, and erupted in appreciation. Under the spotlight, Niall couldn’t help but show his embarrassment. Eventually shrugging it off, he took the cat from Liam, looked at it and then kissed it on the mouth… Kinda weird, but kinda sweet at the same time.

And, yes… The crowd loved that one too.

1D previously paired the two young stars up “100%” on an episode of etalk.

The very public back-and-forth between Niall and Demi has ranged from social media to official interviews.

Flirting over Twitter between the pair has indicated more than a couple Skype dates. At one point, with what we can only imagine to be a pouty face, Niall asked Demi for a real life meet up, tweeting at her, “Are you going to come to one of our shows in the US this Summer?"

Not to mention that reportedly Niall has been sending Demi flowers…

Awww snap… Could Niall and Demi really be the next Justin and Selena?