No Turkey for Demi

November 18, 2010 By:
No Turkey for Demi

Looks like Demi Lovato isn't getting any home cooked Turkey this year. Despite previous reports, she's not leaving rehab early to spend Thanksgiving back home.

Demi's fam has agreed to travel to Chicago to spend the holiday with Demi while she's in rehab. Yum, rehab food.

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Demi's rep released this statement to x17, “Recent reports stating that Demi Lovato will be out of treatment by Thanksgiving are false. While she would of course love to be home for the holidays, she remains committed first and foremost to her treatment.

"Demi has made tremendous progress to date, but understands that she has more work to do. Unfortunately, the news outlet that reported this story originally failed to call us for comment or to fact check the story before it was printed.”

Because it's a special day do the folks in rehab get real turkey? Or will it be the nasty rubbery kind that you feel bad feeding your dog with? Someone send this poor kid some pie!