Is Demi Lovato a Victim of the Wilmer Valderrama Dating Curse?

October 24, 2011 By:
Is Demi Lovato a Victim of the Wilmer Valderrama Dating Curse?

I’m pretty sure Wilmer Valderrama confirmed his playboy status during his infamous Howard Stern interview, where he called out all the A-list ladies he’s dated. Well, now, it turns out, he’s such a playboy, he’s got the women going back for more.

According to Life & Style magazine, Wilmer was spotted at Seth MacFarlane’s house party over the weekend, along with his ex, Demi Lovato.

“They showed up together and made no effort to hide that they're back together. They were stealing kisses throughout the night, holding hands and just seemed to enjoy being together,” an eyewitness said.

“Demi couldn't seem happier about it! They were dirty dancing to the music, and when they were seated, Wilmer had his hands on Demi's knee the entire time. He was being very boyfriend-like and affectionate."

Wilmer definitely seems to have a thing for Disney girls. And it might be because he pulls some major weight as a producer these days. Wilmer told Hollyscoop:

“After we finished [That 70’s Show] we took a nice break and we launched our production companies. We do things with Disney and kids and all that; we have fun. Once a performer always a performer. It’s exciting to return and entertain again."

But Wilmer just may be single-handed responsible for the whole Disney kids gone wild phenomenon. Shortly after Demi and Wilmer started dating, all sorts of issues popped up for the actress. An eating disorder, a cutting problem, depression...She went from Disney to disturbed.

Lindsay Lohan

And who can forget his stint with Lindsay Lohan? Okay, Lindsay is all sorts of wrong, and we can’t blame Wilmer for all of it, but let’s indulge the idea, shall we? The two were dating for a little while, and then finally split in November of 2004. That’s pretty much right when the sh-t hit the fan for Lindsay. Shortly after, she started going to rehab and entered Alcoholics Anonymous. She began to make a name for herself as a liability for producers. And we all know what happened in the years following. Mug shots, blah blah blah, DUI, yadda yadda yadda, stolen necklace, etc.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

But it’s not just Disney kids who have fallen victim to the curse. Wilmer Valderrama told Howard Stern about his tryst with Jennifer Love Hewitt, calling her an “8 out of 10” in bed. Jennifer used to be a sex symbol for teenage boys everywhere. After sleeping with Wilmer, she turned into a desperate spinster who picks out her own wedding rings before she’s even been proposed to. Womp womp.

Ashlee Simpson

Wilmer Valderrama was rumored to be dating Ashlee Simpson in 2005, and he confirmed that when he told Stern she was loud in bed. Not long after rumors sparked of Ashlee dating Wilmer, she had her infamous SNL disaster. Remember? The one where they played the wrong song, and it was discovered she was lip-syncing and then she tried to save face by doing an awkward little jig? Yeah, it was pretty terrible. And Ashlee’s career was never the same.

We can’t outrightly blame poor Wilmer for causing all of these disasters. But life sure does seem to suck right after you start dating the guy.

Then again, with ladies like Demi Lovato going back to him for more, maybe it’s worth it.