Dr. Drew Addresses Demi Lovato Situation

November 11, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew Addresses Demi Lovato Situation

Any time a celebrity goes to rehab, you can expect Dr. Drew to pipe in pretty quickly with his two cents. His latest assessment is with Demi Lovato, whom he says should be commended on her choice to get help.

"Demi should be commended for having gone for treatment and help," Dr. Drew told MTV. "Just because somebody has a medical problem, we shouldn't, in any way, judge or condemn them. We should really acknowledge and really support them for being a good role model for taking care of themselves."

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Dr. Drew also made a point that unless Demi has a drug or alcohol addiction, she’s not actually in “rehab.”

"It sounds like she may have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital because the kinds of issues that are being discussed are around depression, cutting — really psychiatric issues," Dr. Drew said. "Unless she was doing drugs, she's not going to rehab. Rehab is for chemical dependency exclusively."

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Drew went on to basically bash the Disney machine for cranking out stars and not allowing them to have a normal life.

"Young kids that don't have a chance to really go through the usual developmental milestones and develop with their peers and to have a simple life, it can be problematic for [some of them]. It pulls them out of the usual experiences that kids need to grow up," he said. "They tend to always blame themselves and internalize whatever is going on in their life. So now you do that to a 16-year-old, and you've got real trouble."

Dr. Drew doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Demi to get back to work any time soon too.

"The important thing for Demi when she has finished treatment, whatever treatment it is she has received, is that she have adequate and thorough follow-up care, follows the direction of her team of professionals and that she doesn't return to work too prematurely," he said.

"The number-one reason my patients that are celebrities get in trouble is they go back to work because they make a lot of money for themselves and other people. It's very gratifying, but it takes them out of their treatment."

We highly doubt Demi is ready to kiss her big paychecks goodbye just stay healthy. That lifestyle is the only thing she knows. But we hope she hears this advice from Dr. Drew—it’s actually really insightful!