Demi Lovato's Dad: Hollywood Got to Her

November 2, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato's Dad: Hollywood Got to Her

Demi Lovato’s father Patrick Lovato has broken his silence on his daughter entering a treatment center. Though he didn’t see it coming, Patrick says he thinks the reason he snapped was because Hollywood was getting to her.

“There are a lot of pressures,” Lovato told “That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney.

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He also said any young person growing up in Hollywood is susceptible. “It’s just going to happen,” he said.

Lovato and his ex-wife Dionne were both in bands when Demi was younger, and he believes that’s why she pursued showbiz.

“She grew up around it so I guess that's why she went into it,” he explained. “I guess it's in her genes with her mom and her dad. Mainly watching her mom, I’d gotten out of it myself. Cause someone had to take care of the kids."

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Nevertheless, the news about Demi shocked Patrick. “No, I didn’t’ know anything about it,” he said.

He has confidence, like we do, that Demi will overcome this tough time. “She’ll be fine,” he said. “She’s strong alright.”

We hope he’s right!