Demi Lovato Wants to Leave Rehab ASAP

November 17, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato Wants to Leave Rehab ASAP

Rehab may be the new black, but that doesn't mean anyone actually enjoys being there.

We hear Demi Lovato is getting super antsy in rehab and wants to leave as early as next week.

Apparently she wants to leave rehab so she can go home for the holidays, but it doesn't sound like she'll actually go back after the Turkey coma wears off.

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But even if she does bounce out of rehab early, she won't return to work for a while.

Disney has already said they're not going to pressure her into getting back into work right after rehab (maybe they heard about her right hook?), so a little R&R is definitely in her future.

Leaving rehab early is never a good idea, hope she doesn't end up being the next Lindsay.