Demi Lovato to Save Paris Jackson

July 10, 2013 By:
Demi Lovato to Save Paris Jackson

We love Demi Lovato. She seems like such a legit human being. Like, she would tell you if you had food on your face and would probably make an excellent wing woman. 

Apparently Demi has reached out to Paris Jackson in her time of need, because basically Demi has been through it all too.

Demi just lost her dad like Paris. Demi had issues with cutting, bullying and substance abuse. She also spent time in rehab when she was just a teen.

“With Demi having just lost her dad, she feels a special bond with Paris,” a source tells the new issue of Star, “She told Paris about how she’d endured horrible bullying about her weight and looks and even nasty comments about her estranged father. That struck a chord with Paris because of her own controversial father – and like Demi, she’s been dieting for years.”

Demi has made it her personal mission to look out for Paris, because nobody did when she went through her own crisis.

Demi previously stated that the majority of her friends ditched her when she went into rehab and in that painful process, she learned who her real supporters were.

Demi wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to Paris.

“There are so few people in Hollywood who show up during the tough times, but Demi is the real deal,” adds the insider.