Demi Lovato Posts Another Makeup-Free Photo

August 16, 2013 By:
Demi Lovato Posts Another Makeup-Free Photo
Image By: Instagram

Demi Lovato is at it again. The singer and "X-Factor"judge really wants you to know that she looks good without makeup on, so she posted another “fresh-faced” selfie.

Demi’s hair is another thing altogether. Also, what is with that “come at me bro!” pose she’s doing?

That said, her skin is like Adele-flawless.

She actually posted an entire video from the au naturel encounter. This photo was taken the morning of the Teen Choice Awards and Demi does not seem enthused to be waking up so early.

Girl, just wait about seven years, then start complaining when your body actually makes “creaking” noises as you try to get out of bed. 

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