Demi Lovato: Please Don't Forget Me

January 10, 2011 By:
Demi Lovato: Please Don't Forget Me

Demi Lovato is still in rehab working on her "issues," but she wants to make sure her fans don't forget about her in the meanwhile.

She posted a note on her Facebook page thanking her fans for...well...still being her fans.

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"I wish to thank all the friends and fans who voted for me for the People's Choice Awards and the Hot Hits Teen Stars of 2010," she wrote on Facebook.

"I want to make sure my fans know how thankful I am for all their love, support and prayers during this difficult time. Thank you for standing beside me through it all."

Demi has been in rehab for "emotional and physical issues" since the beginning of November with no date in sight. That's a lot of issues to work out--and I bet those sex tape rumors haven't helped one bit.