Demi Lovato to Join ‘Glee’

August 19, 2013 By:
Demi Lovato to Join ‘Glee’
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Demi Lovato might have one of the most interesting comebacks in history.

As if judging “X Factor” wasn’t a sweet enough deal, the multi-hyphenate star is going to appear on at least six episodes of “Glee” during season five.

Apparently “X Factor” and “Glee” are where B-list stars go if “American Idol” won’t have them. Demi will join Adam Lambert as a new celeb guest star on the musical show.

Demi will play a struggling NYC artist/friend of Rachel Berry and we’re assuming they will play “rivals,” because “rivals” and “going to regionals” are THE ONLY things that “Glee” is about anymore.

Demi and Adam Lambert are supposed to have many musical numbers together, so expect lots of Queen songs and maybe something from “Wicked.” Or did Lea Michele already exhaust both of those song catalogues?

Demi’s first appearance will be on Oct. 3, during the latter of two Beatles tribute episodes.