Demi Lovato: I've Been a Terrible Role Model

July 27, 2011 By:
Demi Lovato: I've Been a Terrible Role Model

Demi Lovato has had a pretty crappy two years. She spent months in rehab receiving treatment for her eating disorders and self-harming. And while she's trying to get her life back in order, she's appreciate it if you didn't look up to her. Thanks.

Demi says she would get upset when little girls would say she's their role model, because she just knew she was a bad one.

The 18-year-old star said: “Kids used to tell me, 'You're my role model.' And I'd want to shake them and be like, 'Whyyyyyy? '”

She's been talking openly about her addictions and disorders the past few months, so if there's ever been a time when she's felt like a good role model, it's now.

She said: “I finally feel like I can inspire people. I can be proud of it.”
Demi recently revealed how she hopes her honesty about her personal problems will give her fans the courage to seek help for any difficulties they may have.

When asked why she's been so vocal about her personal issues, she said: "Because I know that if I can use my voice to speak to one person, or one family, then I've done my part. I feel like it's no coincidence that God put me through all of this and has also given me the voice that I have. I feel like my purpose on earth is much greater than just being a singer, a musician or actress. I think it's to reach out to people and to raise awareness of these issues that not many people speak about."