Demi Lovato in Isolation

November 5, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato in Isolation

Demi Lovato update!

Sources tell E! Online that the Disney starlet is doing “great.”

Why is it tht everyone always f***ing pretends they’re doing “great” in rehab centers. Obviously not, if that’s where ya landed yourself!

Selena Gomez Visits Demi Lovato in Rehab

Anyhoo, sources say, "She is getting help and on her way to getting better.”

And in the same breath, this unidentified snitch says Demi is currently in “isolation” and isn’t even allowed to talk to friends and family. Hardly sounds “great” to me…

No word on when Demi will be deemed normal enough to leave the facility. "It depends on the doctor's advice and how well Demi progresses,” says the source.

Demi Lovato Punched Backup Dancer in the Face!

"She is at a real facility that specializes in helping adolescent and adult women with the types of issues she has battled throughout her life. Details about her care are going to remain private."

Private?! Almost every single detail what went down has already been made public at this point. Sorry, but there’s no such thing as “privacy” when it comes to celebs—especially when they’re at rehab.

I just hope Demi is getting her shit together—out of all the Disney princess, I like this hot mess the best—and that includes you, Ariel!