Demi Lovato Gets Tatted Up

March 15, 2011 By:
Demi Lovato Gets Tatted Up

Did I miss the memo about tats being the new black? Vanessa Hudgens

got a butterfly inked on her neck, Avril Lavigne got a safety pin (WTF?) tatted on her neck and now it's Demi Lovato's turn.

Luckily Demi didn't get a ridiculous neck tat like Vanessa and Avril, but she did get matching tattoos on both her wrists.

She got "Stay" on one wrist and "Strong" on the other one with a little heart. Fitting.

Demi says she actually got the tattoos as a tribute to her fans. "The journey that I went through and the support of my fans was so meaningful to me that I wanted to thank my fans in a way that I know can never be forgotten," Demi.

"So I went ahead and I got a little heart tattoo on my wrist."

Why the heart? "It's something that my fans were actually drawing on their wrists while I was still in treatment. Some people even got tattoos of it, so I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you guys gave me," she explained.

When regular people get stressed out they close their eyes, take a deep breath and repeat those words in their head. Celebs get it permanently inked on their bodies. Go figure.