Demi Lovato Engaged to a Fan

October 28, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato Engaged to a Fan

A hardcore Demi Lovato fan proposed to her on Wednesday night after her concert in Colombia and she said yes!

But before you Demi fans get your panties in a bunch, the engagement isn't for real. She was just humoring the poor kid.

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The dorky cute little kid actually got down on one knee and proposed with a fake engagement ring. What was she supposed to do, break his little heart?

"Yes," Lovato joking wrote with the Twitpic, "put it on me! Right there. We are doing this!"

"You guys...I'm engaged," she tweeted later.

As a token of his undying love the kid then presented her with a jar of jellybeans. Aw, engagements just aren't what they used to be.