Demi Lovato Caught Partying By Tour Manager

November 3, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato Caught Partying By Tour Manager

Little by little, we’re getting more information about what went down this week with Demi Lovato that was enough to send her off to rehab.

Apparently everything started to go south a few nights ago, when Demi and members of her tour all went out for dinner.

"As she did on most nights off, Demi invited her band, dancers and her parents to dinner," says the source. "Afterward, she broke off with a very small group."

The following day, tour managers and Lovato's stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, questioned her about it. According to a source close to the situation, the group had been “partying.”

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"When tour management found out about this, they talked to the people involved, including Demi," says the source. "Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her."

This is where the “airport altercation” story comes into play. Apparently Demi confronted a young dancer on her tour whom she thought had ratted her out. "There was a short, physical altercation," says the source, adding that it was "one-sided."

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"Afterwards, Demi felt awful about her behavior and realized she needed to take personal responsibility for it," says the family source. "Because of this, and because of the battles Demi has fought throughout her life, both she and her family realized she needed to take steps to get help immediately."

The source also stresses that Ashley Green actually played no part in the altercation with Demi, and same goes for the Jonas Brothers.

"They were not involved in the incident," says the insider.

Greene’s rep adds, "There was never an issue between Ashley and Demi, and there is no truth to any rumors about a conflict."

Sounds like Demi is just going through a lot of personal issues, and has never properly dealt with them until now. We’re glad to hear she realized she was wrong in starting a fight with a younger member of her tour.

We’re sure she’ll bounce back!