Demi Lovato is a Bipolar Kleptomaniac

May 10, 2013 By:
Demi Lovato is a Bipolar Kleptomaniac

Demi Lovato is so laid-back and chill that when it comes to her talking about having a bipolar disorder you find it hard to believe her.

Where are all the frazzled, sporadic pauses rife with anxiety? Why isn’t she chewing on her fingernails, her beady eyes darting back and forth with insecurity?

What we have here instead is Demi sitting across from Ellen DeGeneres cooler than a cucumber (swaggier than a sausage, #YOLO-lier than a yo-yo—whatever expression kids actually use today/we’re old) and just being super forthcoming about her mental condition.

Ellen didn’t even ask her if she was bipolar. All she did was make an observation about something obvious: her new blonde hair.

“I do this often,” Demi answered. “You’ve heard I’m bipolar. So I change my hair a lot.”

Oh, did Ellen know that?

No, Ellen didn’t know that.

“I didn’t know you were bipolar,” Ellen said. “So how often do you change your hair? What colors have you had?”

The shades of Demi’s personality are as diverse as her locks, which at various times have been “black, brunette, red, like orangey red, pink and blue.”

“Wow,” Ellen said, before warning, “If you keep coloring it, it’s going to fall out by itself!”

In related news, Demi is also a kleptomaniac. The admissions kept on coming when she confessed to Ellen that she has a hotel pillow stealing problem, in that the problem is she steals hotel pillows.

Demi, you cray cray, but we still love you!