Demi Lovato Addresses Cyber Bullying on Twitter

March 12, 2012 By:
Demi Lovato Addresses Cyber Bullying on Twitter

Demi Lovato has long been outspoken with her disgust over bullying, and on Monday, the singer took to Twitter to express her frustrations.

“It really surprises me that hateful things people say on the internet...After all the awareness of cyber—bullying…I mean wow. So sad.”

Someone keep this girl away from the comments on YouTube. Because "surprised" doesn't quite cover the reaction to reading the little gems people leave on YouTube.

“Praying for all the people in the world who feel it’s okay to bully people over the internet,” Demi continued. “Because if you are one of those people, then you must have had something really terrible happen to your childhood or you’re really sick in the head. Must suck to be born without a heart.”

Ironically, those born without a heart won’t be the least bit affected by that, and will just return to the Internet to come up with more creative ways they can call someone a transvestite. Or wish them death. That's a popular one, too.

Speaking of death threats, Miley Cyrus recently stood up to her Internet haters, too, Tweeting:
“I won’t tolerate someone telling me 2 die. I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment.”

Lovato said her hit, Skyscraper, is about her childhood bullies.

“It’s to every person who tried to bring me down. Everyone has the bully or the mean girl or the ex-boyfriend who tried to bring them down."

Demi added that when she went to rehab to receive treatment she “surrounded myself with so many artificial friendships. It’s about those people too.”