Is This the Best Makeup-Free Selfie Ever Taken?

April 24, 2014 By:
Is This the Best Makeup-Free Selfie Ever Taken?
Image By: Instagram

Yep. You were right. That’s Demi Lovato. And she might have just taken the Internet-verse’s best makeup-free selfie of all time.

Here it is:



“I woke up like dis…… 4 pm,” she captioned the sleepy-eyed photo, which has already racked up about half a million likes on Instagram. The photo manages to capture every element of a makeup-free look: relaxed, easy, and confident considering she isn’t hiding behind anything here.

What do you think?

Remember that Demi has a penchant for sharing photos of herself “behind-the-scenes” if you will, which hopefully inspires other young girls who look up to her to feel beautiful in their own natural skin.

Here’s a refresher of some of her most recent au naturel moments: