Demi Lovato Will Not Put Up With Bath Salts, No Matter How Good They Make You Sing

July 11, 2012 By:

The trending drug that proved face-eating was not just reserved to “The Walking Dead” will have no place on the new season of “The X Factor.”

Demi Lovato kicked a rapping duo that mentioned the drug off the stage during auditions for Season 2 of the singing competition show. The judge reportedly was not having none of that in her place of business.

TMZ reports that the incident took place during a stop in Greensboro, North Carolina where the rapping pair took to the stage like any other “X Factor” hopeful. It was only when they dropped a verse that included “I'm high on bath salts” that the set turned sour.

Reportedly, Demi was one of the few who picked up on the line, whose ears were quick to catch the reference. When they finished their performance, she reprimanded the duo. After all, there were youngsters in the crowd.

"It's really inappropriate to rap about drugs in front of kids," she said.

Fans rallied behind the judge and booed the contestants until they disappeared off the stage. They were not given the opportunity to be judged.

Demi, as you may recall, previously had problems with drugs and alcohol, which landed her in a rehab program in 2011.

According to Fox news, Demi was overall impressed with the talent of the Tar Heel State. By now, she’s settled into her own style of judging: telling it like it is.

“I just speak my mind. Sometimes I’ve been called the toughest judge,” she said. “But I can also be real, really nice … It’s all about having fun.”

Season 2 of “The X Factor” premieres this fall on FOX.