Debra Messing Talks Will & Grace Movie

June 4, 2010 By:
Debra Messing Talks Will & Grace Movie

With Sex & The Citybeing made into a movie, we're getting greedy and want all our favorite shows to do the same! Come on, Seinfeld, Friends, and Will & Grace!

Hollyscoop caught up with Debra Messing at the Crystal + Lucy Awards this week and asked her point blank: Will there be a Will & Grace movie in the future???

Debra laughed about the rumor, saying, "Oh my gosh, really?? That is news to me! This is literally the first time I’ve heard that."

Ok, ok, we admit. We started the rumor. But is it so far off? Come on! While they're may not be any plans for a film, Messing said she is down to do a reunion show.

"You know," Debra told us. "I guess people always ask if we would have a reunion show and I would always say-Unfortunately because our season finale it skips ahead 25 years so you already know what happens."

We had to go back and re-watch the last episode, and she's totally right! But we still think it could work. If Carrie and the girls can still pull it off, so can Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen!

She added, "So either you would have to do a Geriatric Will and Grace, which can work, or an entire rock/opera fantasy. It would be a challenge I think to come up with a story. But I never say never."

So you're saying there's a chance!!!