Joey Kovar Posted ‘R.I.P. Joey Kovar’ One Month Prior To Death

August 18, 2012 By:
Joey Kovar Posted ‘R.I.P. Joey Kovar’ One Month Prior To Death

A freaky development in the recent death of Joey Kovar…

Just hours after he was found dead in his Chicago home, Hollyscoop has learned that the reality television star had posted the message “R.I.P. Joey from Real World ‘Hollywood” on his Facebook page.

The message was posted on July 13th, seeming to predict his passing just over a month prior to an apparent overdose that left him dead on Friday, August 17.

Hollyscoop spoke with Joey’s friend Heather Dorff, who explained that the message was likely in reference to his ability to conquer his long running fight against drug addition.

“Joey really turned his life around,” said Heather. “He had kicked the drugs.”

Still, in the wake of Joey’s sudden and tragic death, Heather admits that it is easy for friends and fans alike to read into the message.

“It really freaked people out,” she said.

Since his death, Facebook has turned Joey’s page into a memorial page, as is often the case once someone dies.

Like the rest of his close friends and family, for Heather – an actress and producer – Joey’s death comes as a complete shock, as he seemed to have put his demons behind him.

“I was shocked. I didn't believe it,” she said. “He seemed fine recently. He seemed of sound mind.”

Hollyscoop previously reported that – according to his friend Marv Blauvelt – a bad mixture of prescription medication he was taking for depression and anxiety likely caused Joey’s reported overdose.

Since his death, Joey’s co-stars from his appearance on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” have spoken up with their condolences.

Most recently, Jennifer Gimenez, who was featured on Season 5 of the show, released the following statement:

“My heart breaks for yet another one of our Celeb rehab/Sober House family members who has fallen victim to this disease. This disease does not discriminate; it only exists to see young, tenacious souls like Joey Cover lose to it. My prayers go out to his family friends.”

Heather remembers Joey as a sincere friend and a good father to his two daughters that he leaves behind.

“It is all really sad and he will be missed,” she said.