Watch Letterman and Jimmy Fallon Do Shows Without Audience

October 30, 2012 By:
Watch Letterman and Jimmy Fallon Do Shows Without Audience

“Well, so much for the drought,” Dave Letterman joked to nobody last night on the “Late Show.”

That’s right, because of Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm or whatever Twitter is calling it today, Late night show hosts David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon decided to go ahead and film their shows with no audience.

“This is very weird, reading these jokes with no reaction,” David told nobody.

The best part is that they kept the audience mic’d, meaning anytime David told a joke you could hear one of the guys in the band and maybe a camera operator chuckling, it was like attended the world’s worst stand-up show.

While Letterman called attention to the lack of the audience and was basically just making jokes for his staff, over on Jimmy Fallon’s show he continued to treat the show as if he was still performing for an audience that just wasn’t laughing.

There’s just something very depressing hearing Jimmy tell his at-home viewers, ”Imagine laughter, imagine fun, imagine excitement.”

Listening to him tell jokes and the only person laughing is his announcer and maybe one of his interns is so sad.

However, all Jimmy’s jokes were rain-related, like:

“Many Broadway shows are having a hard time getting their performers to come do the shows, so like, you can see that one show, ‘One Blue Guy.’”

To which his announcer Steve Higgins says, “you’re performing like you have an audience, why are you waiting for applause?”

And then his house band played “I Can’t Stand The Rain.” Hah, clever.

Seth Meyers was Jimmy’s first guest who said “you guys are like kids doing a show in their basement.”

Here’s Seth Meyers interview, which was basically just Seth and Jimmy chatting for a few minutes, one of them happens to be sitting on a chair and the other is sitting behind a desk.

Letterman’s guest for the night was Denzel Washington, who filmed a funny bit where he braved the storm in a yellow parka and then just waltzed through the side gate and onto the stage before waving at the nobody audience and casually making his way to the guest chair.

“Only for you, Dave,” Denzel joked, “I swam. I was the only one out there Dave. Nobody but me.”

Here’s Denzel’s interview, and just like Jimmy and Seth’s interview, it’s like they didn’t care that they were on TV, just because there was no live audience. Hello! We’re still watching you at home! Why are you laying on the interview couch?!