Letterman's Wife Demanded Public Apology

October 9, 2009 By:
Letterman's Wife Demanded Public Apology

David Letterman made a surprise apology to his wife last week on his Late Show. But now we hear that it may not have been all his idea. According to Fox News, Dave's wife Regina Lasko demanded that he do it!

A source close to Lasko says the apology "wasn’t something Dave wanted to do at all.”

The source says, “He wanted the whole thing to blow over. But Regina told him he better make an apology to let everyone know how sorry he was for how much he hurt and humiliated her.”

The insider also says Regina demanded that he go over with her exactly what he was going to tell viewers and studio audience members on Monday. She was even willing to allow him to make “one or two jokes to be a part of it as long as they weren’t at her expense.”

But Lasko was not laughing when Letterman took her concession too far, throwing in more than the agreed-upon one or two jokes about his affairs.

We don't blame her! She's probably mortified! And it seems Regina is the one who has been forgotten in this whole affair. Meanwhile, the woman Dave had the affair with, Stephanie Birkitt, is on paid leave from the Late Show for the time being.

A rep for Worldwide Pants released a statement, saying, "Stephanie is on a paid leave of absence. TMZ's reporting that she is banned from the building is incorrect."