Extortionist's Lawyer Wants to Cross Examine Letterman

October 5, 2009 By:
Extortionist's Lawyer Wants to Cross Examine Letterman

Extortionist Robert Halderman’s lawyer Gerald L. Shargel appeared on the Today Show this morning to defend his client, who pleaded not guilty of Extortion on Friday.

In an interview with Ann Curry, Shargel dodges questions related to the case, saying, "First, I want to point out the prosecution's case in so many ways makes no sense.”

He also claimed that David Letterman is "a master at manipulating audiences, and that's exactly what he did. To think that David Letterman gave the entire story and there's nothing more to be said is simply wrong.”

He continued to speak of his client having an “impeccable reputation,” saying, "Little has been said about Joe Halderman as a person, those who know him...think about how unlikely this is. People like Dan Rather, people who have worked with Joe Halderman. When you just go a little beneath the surface, it doesn't make sense."

This definitely sounds like a lot of hot air! This case is pretty cut and dry. Letterman even came forward to admit his faults! Check out the video below:

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