David Letterman Victim of Extortion Plot Over Sexual Affairs

October 1, 2009 By:
David Letterman Victim of Extortion Plot Over Sexual Affairs

First it was John Travolta and now David Letterman has found himself in the middle of an extortion plot. And the details aren't pretty!

Letterman received a package in the mail from a con artist who threatened to expose a string of affairs that Letterman allegedly had with different female staff members, reports the New York Daily News.

"This morning, I did something I've never done in my life," Letterman told his stunned audience during a taping on Thursday.

"I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury."

Letterman admitted to having a string of affairs with women who work for him.

The con artist demanded $2 million dollars from Letterman, but Letterman didn't budge and instead he notified the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

The District Attorney's office had Letterman send the con artist a phony $2 million dollar check--which led to his arrest this afternoon.

Letterman married Regina Lasko seven months ago after dating for over 23 years. They have a five-year-old son together. More details coming soon!