David Letterman Publicly Apologizes to His Wife

October 5, 2009 By:
David Letterman Publicly Apologizes to His Wife

David Letterman has probably apologized countless times to his wife since news of his affairs broke, but this is the first time he's doing it publicly.

According to People, Dave apologized to his wife Regina Lasko during a taping of his show Monday afternoon.

This is Dave's first appearance since he revealed the extortion plot last week. An audience member says, "He said he didn't think through what he said when he apologized on his show last week. He apologized to his female staff members because they've all been put through a lot in the past few days. He was very sincere."

But in true Dave form, he cut the seriousness with humor, saying, "Wow, that weekend went fast."

Another audience member said, "He made a joke about loving the fall weather in New York, and about how it was getting mighty chilly. He was making fun of the situation. If it's chilly here, you can only imagine how chilly things were at home."

"Dave was laughing, joking, very energetic. He played off the audience’s reactions, off everyone’s facial expressions. But every once in a while you could tell his mind was somewhere else."

We can only imagine how awkward things must be at home for Dave right now. We wonder if his wife will decide to stay with him or leave him? What would you do?