David Hasselhoff Hospitalized With Alcohol Poisoning Again

September 21, 2009 By:
David Hasselhoff Hospitalized With Alcohol Poisoning Again

The Hoff has done it again. David Hasselhoff was hospitalized AGAIN this past weekend for alcohol poisoning after an alleged heavy drinking session.

Paramedics were called to his home at around 3:30PM on Sunday after he collapsed from being drunk, reports TMZ. Hoff's 17-year-old daughter called her mother Pamela claiming her dad was extremely drunk, and one of Pamela's friends made the 911 call to paramedics.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department said: "We sent an ambulance and a person was transported to a local hospital." But they wouldn't confirm that it was 'The Hoff'.

David was treated and reportedly left the hospital late Sunday night. It's no secret that Hoff has a long battle with alcoholism. Back in 2007 a video shot by his daughter showed Hoff drunk and lying on the floor, eating a hamburger. He was barely coherent during the video and all you heard was his daughter begging him to stop and get some help.

His last hospital stint was just a few months ago in May. His daughter Hayley also discovered him unconscious that time.

We really hope this is a wake up call for him, because one of these days, there isn't going to be someone home to discover him unconscious and call for help. Alcoholism is such a horrible disease, we really hope he can battle his demons this time around.