David Hasselhoff Hospitalized Again

November 28, 2009 By:
David Hasselhoff Hospitalized Again

David Hasselhoff was hospitalized on Friday after he reportedly suffered a seizure.

The Hoff's daughter Hayley called the ambulance Friday afternoon and he was taken to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment.

Hoff's neighbor, named only as Christian, tells the Radaronline, "I asked one of the paramedics how David was doing and he told me his eyes were rolling back into his head, he was drooling and that he'd had a seizure. This isn't the first time this has happened to him."

A rep for the L.A. City Fire Department confirms: "Paramedics were called to (a house) in Encino for medical aid. Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am and later transported the patient a nearby hospital."

Apparently the Hoff had been drinking heavily in the past few days. This is his third trip to the ER this year following days of heavy boozing.

It's a good think his daughter is always there to help him get medical help. He really needs to seek professional help because one of these days Hayley isn't going to be there to rescue him.