Alcoholism Reason for Hasselhoff's Firing

January 8, 2010 By:
Alcoholism Reason for Hasselhoff's Firing

This isn’t shocking at all! News just surfaced that the reason for David Hasselhoff’s firing was because of his excessive alcoholism. He claims that he wanted to leave the show to pursue his own TV show, but that was highly doubted since the announcement.

Sources on the show say advertisers were unhappy with David’s image, especially with all the problems he’s had lately. Last Halloween, Hoff was hospitalized for alcoholism. Just weeks earlier, he was allegedly taken out of a back entrance at Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party in London after he got too drunk and started swearing at fellow guests.

“This has built up for some time,” a production insider told The Daily Mail. “David has been in the papers a lot for his drunken behavior and he doesn’t seem to want to clean up his act. He was absolutely devastated at the news. The show provided the majority of his income.”

Hasselhoff is expected to be replaced by Deal Or No Deal host Howie Mandel. Nice try on that cover-up, Hoff!