Duchovny's Sex Addiction is The Year's Biggest Scandal

December 31, 2008 By:
Duchovny's Sex Addiction is The Year's Biggest Scandal

It’s nice to look back on the year and reminisce about all the things you’ve accomplished, and what’s happened in the news. But it’s even more fun to think about the scandals that shaped 2008! Thanks to Parade magazine, they’ve done all the dirty work for us!

The publication has rounded out ’08 with a list of the most surprising scandals of the year. And coming in on top is David Duchovny’s sex addiction fiasco that landed him in rehab. 35% of readers polled agreed that that was the juiciest story of them all.

With 20% of the vote, OJ Simpson came in second for being found guilty for his Las Vegas heist. And although it was considered a scandal, we think a lot of people were happy that he was finally getting what he deserved years ago: jail time!

Coming in at number three with 13% of the vote is Christian Bale’s alleged domestic battery charge. That did shock us pretty well, but we knew deep down that he would probably would never have done something like that, and the whole thing was a bit embellished.

Heather Locklear’s DUI was voted on by 12% of the readers. We all knew Heather had a substance abuse problem, but we didn’t realize she wasn’t smart enough to hire a driver! Ryan O’Neal and his son being charged with felony drug possession took 7% of the vote. And keeping things in the family, Tatum O’Neal’s arrest after trying to buy crack is next on the list.

There’s just too many scandals to name in 2008, so click here

for the full list of them!