David & Tea to Brad & Angelina: When Celeb Couples Start Looking Alike

June 30, 2011 By:
David & Tea to Brad & Angelina: When Celeb Couples Start Looking Alike

They say after you’ve been married awhile, you start looking like your partner. Which is why it’s important to settle down with someone good-looking.

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni recently announced their split. And we can’t help but notice that, after fourteen years of marriage, these two started looking a lot alike. But Duchovny and Lenoi aren’t alone. There are a handful of other celebrities who start resembling their mates after years of marriage.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise is so obsessed with himself, he made his wife look just like him. Holmes got a cute pixie cut back in 2008, but the fact that it was the same ‘do has her new hubby was a little distracting.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Okay, not identically. But these two have the same haircut, face shape, and skin tone. And we’re not the only one who think so—there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to the fact that “Katy Perry looks like Russell Brand.”

Marilyn Manson & Dita Von Teese: Like Katy and Russell, let’s be honest. She’s a lot hotter than he is. But squint a little bit, try to ignore the boobs, and Dita Von Teese looks just like Marilyn Manson. Things went south in 2007 when Teese filed for divorce.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. And Jennifer Aniston. And Gwyneth Paltrow: It seems like no matter who Brad Pitt is with, he ends up adapting their style and hairdo. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but after he goes twinsies, Brad tends to break off the relationship. If I were Angelina, I’d make sure Brad stays blonde.

Mena Suvari & Simone Sestito: Mena and her husband share a lot of similarities. Not only are they the same height, their faces have strikingly similar features. It would be easy to mistake him for Mena’s brother.

Hulk Hogan & Linda Hogan: Bleach blonde and super tan. That’s the look Linda Hogan seems to love, not only in herself but in her partner as well. After nearly 25 years of marriage, Linda filed for divorce and moved on to a 21 year old Hulk look-alike. I know age is just a number, but Linda was married to the Hulk longer than this kid was alive. Come on. The kid was probably too young to even remember what Hulkamania was.