David Carradine's Friend: He Was Killed by Transsexual Prostitutes

June 17, 2009 By:
David Carradine's Friend: He Was Killed by Transsexual Prostitutes

Shocking new claims in the death of David Carradine. His producer friend David Winters believes Carradine was murdered by transsexual hookers.

He tells Globe magazine, "David Carradine was murdered... I strongly believe Lady Boys are responsible. Lady Boys operate in pairs. David would not have stood a chance. They can be very brutal.”

"I want to see those tapes. My suspicion is they've already been doctored.”

Pretty unbelievable claims! In addition, a retired FBI agent is working with the Globe to try and uncover more information. His name is Ted Gunderson, and he agrees with Winters’ claims.

Gunderson says, "I believe he met two Lady Boys in the hotel bar... They are flirtatious, desperate for money and would have zeroed in on a celebrity like Carradine." Gunderson is convinced the hookers drugged Carradine, hung him and then set about staging what would look like a suicide.

Like Winters, Gunderson insists a reported mystery footprint on Carradine's bed is the biggest clue in the case. He adds, "One of the Lady Boys may have stepped behind him, looped a length of rope around Carradine's neck and strangled him."

This is a very disturbing claim. But they aren’t the first people to say Carradine enjoyed unusual sexual pastimes. We just hope, for his family’s sake, that they catch whoever it is that committed this crime.